Zits or pimples are eruptions or blisters on the face. These may be the result of hormonal imbalance in the body. In fact, quite often this is attributed to sensitivity of skin or lack of water content. Chinese herbs like cayenne, forsythias, root gum and camellia are considered excellent against it. Even Silvestre and Cambogia can lessen the zits.

There are various medicines in the pharmacy labs which are working extremely well against the eruptions. Also, there are hosts of natural remedy. A simple zit can be squared off by rose water alone.

If it is something rather prominent, try a paste of garlic, honey and rhizome ginger and use it on the face. Rinse and use it again but in the interim period, use a generous dose of alcohol and let it evaporate. You would find that the pimple is vanished by the time its morning.