brown skin spots
Brown spots on the skin or on the face are terribly annoying for anyone.
It’s harmless though but can result in unattractiveness.
The worst part is that it makes you feel older than your age.
However there are cosmetic treatments that can make your brown spots disappear in a jiffy.

Fruits like lemon, orange, grape etc. are acidic by nature; they can be applied on the skin where your spots occur.
The acidic property bleaches the melanin clumps.
You can use cotton to even apply the citrus fruit juice on the affected area of your skin.

Lactic acid is another way of removing these brown spots.
It’s a bleaching agent which is for those who have sensitive skin.
Sometimes citrus might make your skin sting, in that case use lactic acid.

Aloe vera is also another very effective agent that can help you to get rid of your brown spots immediately.
It’s an antioxidant and also help to effectively treat a lot of skin diseases.