Well! Acne can be quite disturbing and painful at the same time. These are the result of hormonal imbalance, acidity, heat and in fact water content in the body. Thankfully, there are ways to tackle them overnight unless of course you have a very sensitive skin.

A simple remedy is to use a paste of honey, garlic and rhizome ginger. Apply and rinse it. Use alcohol on the acne till it evaporates. Add the same paste again and leave it overnight. The idea is to sleep on the other side. You will find a world of change to the acne in the morning.

A few of Chinese herbs like camellia, forsythia, cayenne paper are also considered quite an effective treatment for pimple. If it’s a simple eruption then even rose water is a healthy answer to the problem.

Remember, acne gives stress and stress results in more acne.