skin care for different skin typesCombination skin type is when your face has a skin which is half oily and half dry. This means that half of your face skin suffers from dryness while other part suffers from oil related problems. The T part of the face generally faces the oil related problem. The T area comprises of the forehead region the nose part and the cheeks. These areas are generally oily. It is a difficult task to fight this problem so as to fight this problem. As you have to treat both oil problem and dryness problem.

This problem can be solved at home by following some of the easy homemade steps. These steps include use of good cosmetics on your skin. You need to cleanse your face with a good quality cleanser daily so as to solve the problem. The cleanser should have a ph value of less than 7. As the higher ph value cleanser will affect your skin. You can apply rosewater on your skin as it will prove to be a good cure for oily and dry skin together. So follow these steps and get rid of combination skin problems.