You can beat the summer heat by keeping your body cool and fresh.

• Drink plenty of fluids, as that would replenish the water lost from the body by sweating.

• Wear light colored clothes mostly in natural fabric, as that would allow the skin to breathe keeping it calm.

• Apply sunscreens and carry umbrella while walking under the sun.

• Wearing cool shades also soothes the eyes and keeps you cool.

• Eat right; do not eat extreme oily foods. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits that have high water content that will satiate the dry feeling in you.

• Indulge in water; go for swimming and other activities in water.

• Remain careful when out in the Sun, as sunstrokes are a common malady. People with certain medical conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure must watch out.

• Exercise in moderation. Take necessary breaks and do not exert yourself too much.