Stains on your teeth occur through a cumulative effect of beverage drinking. The enamel covering on your teeth is originally transparent, but it acquires stains when you consume materials like tea, caffeine, wine and such like. If you want your teeth white like they were before, all you have to do is get rid of the existing stains somehow. The most obvious method of getting this done is by chemical means, i.e., by getting your stained teeth chemically bleached.

Chemical whitening involves bleaching of your teeth at a dental clinic where the dentist obviously knows what he is doing, making this procedure a hundred percent safe one. This type of treatment falls under cosmetic dentistry. The material used in most chemical combinations of bleaches used for your teeth is hydrogen peroxide.

The dentist needs to be an expert, in the sense that he should be able to make just the right mix of this bleach so as not to damage your teeth. When the bleaching paste is put on your teeth, the moisture on them give the power to this chemical to begin the process of oxidation. This process is aggressive but it gives the desired results without harm under controlled and experienced hands.