Dandruffs can be quite irritating. They can make you an object of ridicule in the immediate society and at the same time they can also make you scratch-prone. Such scratching can be painful. Thankfully there are many home cures for dandruff which work quite well.

You can use curd in sparsely fermented form. Apply it during afternoon and rinse it in a couple of hours. Curd applied overnight can create cold and congestion. You can also choose to use lemon. Its acid content is known to be a dandruff-killer. Dandruff needs an alkaline ground for in-breeding. When it gets citric acid attack, it fizzles into thin air.

Dandruffs can be cured by using a paste of aesofotida with garlic. Yes, it should be heated garlic and the stem shall be primarily used. The bulb of garlic is odorous and shall be bore.

Dandruffs shall not be the reason why our follicle stops laughing.