Respiratory or breathing problems are frequent these days owing to the pollution in the air. Other than these air pollutants, there are allergies of several types that contribute to the problems. Asthma is also one such disease.

Plenty of medications are available for the respiratory problems. Among holistic treatments, the herbal approach is the most popular. There is much information on the herbs on the internet. But using them on your own may create problems as most of them are taken as combinations. A wrong combination can worsen the situation. Use the medicines only after consulting a holistic physician.

Check out for herbs that have the following properties:

Antioxidant: fights free radicals that create problems in the body, especially with respiratory organs and skin as well as heart.

Antifungal: makes sure that no fungus is residing in the lungs and if there is any, helps in removing it.

Anti-inflammatory: protects lungs from inflammation that makes breathing difficult.

Once you have the list, I would recommend that you visit a holistic physician with the list and have a session to understand in details what all is required for you. You also need to know the different combinations for the herbs and the method of intake. While some of can be used with food, some are to be taken as extracts. Make sure the physician you are visiting has much experience in the field.