At times, the veins of rectum swell or inflame rather awkwardly. This can be in form of a painful fissure or a bigger opening also called pile. These varicosities erupt when the tissues get filled with blood vessels and jam the lining of rectum and anus.

Hemorrhoids may result from an instable bowel movement. Bouts of diarrhea and constipation can create a strained rectal and anal path. This can lead to hemorrhoids. Women suffering from menstruation tend to absorb more water thus creating a constipated bowel movement. It is needless to say that they are more vulnerable to hemorrhoids then. Even pregnant or lactating women can be more susceptible to hemorrhoids.

Obviously there are plenty of other causes. Unfortunately, hemorrhoids in its primary stage can be easily misdiagnosed and thought to be an anal fissure, fistula or abscess.

Hemorrhoids can also be caused from portal hypertension. Obviously, portal high blood pressure can make the blood flowing through the rectal walls very thick and thus create an extra strain.

Nicotine, alcoholic syndrome and obesity can also create an adverse situation for the rectal and anal passages thereby making them more prone to fistula and hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids occur outside the distal end of the anal passage. These are susceptible to thrombosis. With the bursting of a rectal vein, the hemorrhoid takes shape of bleeding hemorrhoids. This is the transitory stage when the hemorrhoid starts becoming a cause of concern.

Hemorrhoids can be effectively treated through various means. You can use an herbal line of treatment, surgical, non surgical and purely pharmaceutical way of treating the disease. Warm Sitz baths, cold compress or analgesics can help with the condition. Medicated creams in the initial stages and steroid preparations in the later stages can diminish further triggering.

Natural astringents, chamomile tea and herbs can bring quite positive results for hemorrhoids. You can try a hand-held shower for focusing a ready stream of cold water on the spot. This helps in treating the infected place and soothing flare-ups. Butcher’s Broom and Bilberry Extracts are also thought of in high measure.

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