Dehydration is simply losing a lot of your body fluids. When you loss excess water in your body you are said to be dehydrated. You may be wondering how dehydration causes headaches, well it’s simple.

When the weather is to hot many people complain of having a headache. This is simply because they do not take enough water. After you get dehydrated for example after vomiting, diarrhea, bleeding you experience headaches. Mostly after heavy drinking you get headaches which you refer to as handover, this is because when you take too much alcohol your body fluid reduces due to the frequent urination and this results to you having headaches.

The symptoms of dehydration include having sticky and dry lips, felling very weak, dizziness, and visual snow when you stand up, dark urine and constipation. In severe cases you may experience rapid heart beat, muscle cramps, swollen tongue and even fainting.