Hair Packs To Eradicate Dandruff
Puzzled with a dandruff problem?
Well not to worry because here are some easy home-made remedies to your problems.
Applying a facial pack of lime juice, yoghurt and amla juice is an effective natural solution to dandruff.

Cider vinegar is also useful.
Warm the oil you use and massage it nicely to the roots of the scalp, allow it to soak overnight and clean the hair early morning.
A paste of fenugreek seeds and rosemary can work wonders.
Keep it for 30 minutes and then wash it nicely.

Another solution to the dandruff problem is making a paste of hibiscus flower and the leaves of hibiscus tree and then applying it on your scalp.
Beauticians recommend a hair mask of mashed banana and curd for hair treatment which includes the dandruff problem.
Soak lime peels in coconut oil and use it.

You can also use a mixture of clove, jojoba, lavender oil and rosemary and clove, rosemary and apply it thoroughly every week.
Tea tree oil and castor oil are also good for hair.
Besides these, proper washing, combing your hair and maintaining a healthy diet are also very useful.