Headaches can be a real pain. And if you are a victim of migraine, well there is no worse hassle that that. These attacks do not allow you to concentrate on your work or carry on with your routine. Ignoring these attacks will have worse consequences. You need to take your migraine to task immediately. How can you do that?

Well there are many factors which cause migraines. Some people are prone to having these attacks after consuming too much alcohol or even chocolates. Others might get it due to too much exposure in sunlight. Find out what exactly causes your migraine. Once you locate what the triggering factor is, it is not difficult to do away with the cause.

Massaging the head and the neck is a very effective way of dealing with the pain. Also using alternative hot and cold massage treatment seems to work very well. While you are following this regime, lie down in a dark room. Having caffeine rich beverages are also effective. Try to keep medicines as your last resort.