Give yourself a pedicure at home
Pedicure is done to maintain first-class foot hygiene.
Some people lack time and money to go to a spa or parlor to get a pedicure done but it is actually quite easy to do it at the comfort of your home without much training.

Some of the things that are necessary to enjoy a complete pedicure are warm water, soap, lotion, acetone, foot powder, a nail file and nail cutter, nail polish, a nail brush and a pumice stone, a basin huge enough to take a footbath and lastly some cotton balls.

First you will need a comfortable chair, then pour in some warm water along with some soap in the washbasin.
Soak your foot for five minutes to soften them.
Next, replace the soap with Epsom salt and if possible add essential oils for extra boost and fragrance.

Next use acetone to rub off any nail polish.
After that dry your feet and add lotion.
Finally apply foot powder in between the toes.