acneMountains and valleys look good only in pictures, definitely not on your skin. Acne is a problem that can lead both youngsters and elders to resort to desperate measures to get rid off but that can damage your skin if you do not know exactly what you are doing. Using lavender oil to get rid of unwanted acne is a tried and tested method. This oil works wonders and gets rid of pimples and gives your skin a healthy complexion. This essential oil works in many ways.

It eliminates the pimple forming bacteria and upon regular use, prevents their regrowth as well. Lavender oil reduces the itching and it soothes the skin of irritation and also reduces the redness. It helps in removing the impurities present in the skin and deep cleanses the pores getting rid of all the bacteria and acne causing germs. Upon regular use, lavender oil can help in completely eradicating pimples and give your skin a healthy look.