Bad breath is a serious matter as it not only embarrasses you publicly but also can reveal underlying health issues. In order to cure bad breath effectively, you have to find out the cause of this condition. Some of the major causes of bad breath include gingivitis, poor oral hygiene, swollen tonsils, tooth decay, internal organ malfunction, indigestion, diet and in some cases smoking.

Curing bad breath is easier once you have identify the odor causing bacteria and this means that you need to have correct oral hygiene so that the population of the bacteria that causes bad breath are minimized. After every meal, it is advisable that you floss especially if you have eaten meat as it will help to loosen the strands of meat at the same time assist in preventing tooth decay. Brushing teeth after every meal is necessary and also it is important that you work on the tongue as it is where 80% of bacteria are found.