Cure acne naturally, skin care tipsAcne, one of the most dangerous skin diseases of the time though can be treated and cured completely but it leaves a permanent mark on the skin. The marks don’t go off very easily even after the application of some very expensive and popular skin ointments. However after dedicated treatment for a sufficient long period the marks may go off. Well you can also go for some natural treatment like coconut water. Coconut water can effectively work on the acne marks of the skin.

Many people with acne breakouts prefer to use less oil but actually much more sebum is required to trigger the breakouts of the acne. The acne is always accompanied by irritation. The coconut water helps to stop that irritation and in due course also reduce the break outs of the acne. The essential fatty acids in the coconut water prevent the acne causing germs from attacking the skin pores and thus the acne breakout is reduced. This in turn reduces the marks which are mainly caused due to the breakouts.