acne prone skin, acneOne cannot put just about anything on acne prone skin as it may lead to a devastating effect. One has to first find a solution to close the pores of their skin so as to reduce the instances of acne and pimples on their skin. Acne is a skin problem caused by excessive oil secretion from the face and also due to the clogging of pores. Few of the popular homemade face packs have proved to have reduced the occurrence of acne on the skin.

The first face pack that has shown some wonderful results in reducing acne visibly is the ‘French Clay with Honey’ face pack. Honey allows your skin to get the necessary moisture while French clay soaks the excess oil.

You can also opt for ‘Banana along with Honey’ facial as it nourishes your skin at the same time reduces the oil content of your skin. Other facials that will be helpful to you to decrease acne on your face and skin are ‘Yogurt and Orange’ facial, facial with cabbage, massaging your face with olive oil.