Health and fitness are the biggest assets of a human life. If not practiced regularly it can reduce the energy level immensely. Regular exercises are the biggest boon for a good health. If done religiously it can keep your doctor at bay. Most of the people have do exercises to just lose weight. But they don’t understand that healthy living is also directly related to daily exercise.

 Exercise is required for people of all ages. Old people should go for regular walks everyday and do light exercises for an active life and a long life. Exercises help in making the body less stiff and keep the balance in place. Ailments like heart diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes can be easily cured through exercises.

 Youngsters should indulge into exercises to prevent further heart ailments. Regular exercises like half and hour of brisk walking, aerobics, dance classes, jogging, biking and swimming are the best methods of exercise.