Suffering from hair loss, premature aging of hair, and thinning of hair? If so, you might be suffering from keratin deficiency. Besides damaging your hair quality, keratin deficiency can also show much badly on you skin. Basically keratin is a type of protein which is the reason why your skin looks all nice and firm. When you skin lacks keratin, it becomes pore prone to sagging, loosing its glow and the finally the most dreaded of all wrinkle formation.

This layer of protein lies below our outer skin and forms a protective layer that prevents unwanted aging. Although found in numerous parts of your body like your hair, nails etc, its deficiency shows most prominently on your skin. So how to combat this problem and gain back your supple youthful glow? A very easy and common way of doing so is using lotions and creams rich in keratin content.

Basically these are extracted from hooves of animals and used in the lotions. Ask your dermatologist for more clarifications regarding keratin deficiency if you have any.