Studies have proved that strenuous and prolonged exercise can promote a person’s health and give him a stronger heart. It has been revealed that high intensity exercise even for a shorter duration is more capable of making you fit as compared to a regular and lengthy but low intensity exercise. When people become over-weight, then tend to become more susceptible of heart attacks and other heart related problems.

During high intensity exercises, your heart beats accelerate and thus more blood flows through the heart, making the person healthier and more active. You have to exercise strenuously for a few minutes, take a break in between and then start exercising again. It would be enough for you to exercise in this way for only 20 minutes a day. This kind of heart exercises will not only eliminate the risks of heart attack but they are also able to reverse your heart disease and several other ailments related to your heart and age.

With a healthy heart, you will look younger and become more energetic.