Ear wax is a substance that is ejected from the ear canal in the ears. The ear canal ejects this substance which is a collection of a variety of infectious dirt and dust. The sight of ear wax may seem to be very unpleasant to most people, but the truth is, ear wax is a sign of a healthy person. The presence of ear wax is a clear show that the person’s ears are well cleaned up in a healthy biological process. The presence of ear wax should not be entirely condemned but also commended for a clean ear canal environment.

But the presence of too much ear wax needs to be keenly observed. Too much ear wax may be very uncomfortable to keep up with. The building up of ear wax can be controlled to avoid any itches. The most common ear wax control is hydrogen peroxide. It can be applied before washing the ears thoroughly. Finally a drop of alcohol can be used to wipe the ears neatly.