Jaundice is caused due to excessive fat deposition in our liver. Hence a proper diet is very essential to treat the menace effectively. Most of the doctors would suggest a diet which has 100-150 grams of protein content with moderate fat. It should be enriched in sugar and natural starches.

The best diet for a jaundice patient is a fruit diet comprising of fresh fruits (sweet potatoes, grapes, black soya, nuts and almonds) and fruit juices. Lemon is effective too when you are down with the disease. Make a point to take sugarcane juice everyday for minimum one or two weeks. Orange juice is another good option as it facilitates bowel movement. Tomato juice with a pinch of salt in the early morning is also helpful. Take barley water repeatedly and many times everyday. Among the vegetables, radish leaves would work.

Pulses, cereals and spicy foods are a strict no-no. These lead to swellings forming in your liver. Focus on the fibrous stuffs. Drink plenty of water.