There is a dreaded disease called anemia which may even be killing. It happens because of the loss of blood due to many factors; hereditary and environmental. Some people eat less food and their food intake is enriched with useless fast food.

The sickle diet anemia is a major type of anemia where the RBC cells take a sickle form. The blood movements get hampered and the person feels very weak. The hemoglobin level gets very low and anemia is caused.

The basic deficiency is of iron. There are foods that specialize in iron particles and are necessary to eat for blood health. The king of fruits mango and to a certain extent, banana is a good thing to have if one suffers from anemia.

These people also need a fillip I the energy levels and sugarcane is just about the best food. Spinach is also an option the people may try. In all, these diets lessen the effects of anemia.