The food that you eat not only affects your health physically but also mentally. The brain is composed of mostly fat and it is responsible for regulating basic human behaviors like eating, moving, feeling, thinking and sleeping. Brain is the part of the body that is most easily damaged due to poor nutrition. It is also important to remember that like all other human body organs, brain is not able to repair itself.

As because the food items of the recent times contain lots of foreign substances, these substances get mixed in our blood which may cause injury to the brain, brain messengers and hormones that can disrupt in the activities of the brain. Therefore, you have to choose the food that is free from neurotoxic pollutants. Some of the food elements that are enemies of your brain are chemicals, food colorings, taste enhancers and preservatives such as baking powder and baking soda. Therefore, you have to think before eating so that your food does not directly impact on the health of your brain.