Tips to treat body odor, body careBody odor is a problem that many people face. Body odor is only natural but it can be embarrassing at times. You can be well dresses, have a nice haircut and look good but all that will be ruined if you have body odor. You cannot get rid of body odor by surgical operation. The only way of keeping body odor at bay is keeping clean. People living in the tropical or hot climate are worst affected by body odor. Sweat accumulates on the body and gives rise to the foul smell.

There are a lot of deodorants that are available in the market and they can work just fine. However, they alone will not be able to do the job if you are not clean. Therefore, showering twice a day is very important. Each time you take a shower, clean your body thoroughly with soap. This will prevent accumulation of dirt in the body. Armpits give away most odors. If you keep the armpits shaved, less dirt will accumulate and the body odor will be less as a result.