Causes of prickly skin
You can get affected by the prickly skin at some point in your life.
In fact, it can occur to both the adults as well as the children.
You can see that it is caused due to the closing of the pores of the sweat glands.

Mostly you see that the adults get affected by the prickly skin and it comes out in the forms of the heat rashes.
When you are exposed to the sun, the pores of the sweat glands are obstructed and the moisture is retained over there.
Therefore, you can face an extreme irritation on the skin.

In addition to this, you can also see some other causes of the heat rashes, which include the heredity and obesity as well.
Moreover, untidiness may be the major cause of the prickly skin.
In some cases the deodorants and body, spray also accelerates the problem of the prickly skin.