When it comes to external causes for aging skin, many of them depend on the decisions you make every day on your life styles and health. In case you make unhealthy selections it might cause the skin to age prematurely making you look old quicker than normal.

A significant facet of any skin care program on anti aging is to learn what activities you are engaging in that could harm your skin and also that accelerate its aging process.


Smoking is an important cause of aging skin that is overlooked very often. It could bring about biochemical changes that could bring about quicker than normal aging of skin. Studies have revealed that those who have smoked over 10 cigarettes a day for 10 years are in danger of having wrinkled skin and developing leathery skin. As a side effect of smoking, you will find yellowing of body especially on fingers. Holding the cigarette between lips repeatedly will cause wrinkles to develop around mouth and on chin area.

Sun Exposure

The leading external cause of aging is the exposure to sun. The accumulating effect of daily exposure to sun not only causes the skin to age but also helps other skin aging factors such as intrinsic aging. It is usual for signs of skin aging to appear in 20s for those who live in areas where there is a lot of sunshine. Exposure to sun could bring about broken capillaries and spider veins on the face, cause wrinkles on face and create irregular pigmentation of the skin. It could also causes cancer of the skin.

Those who have fair skins are more susceptible to photo-aging (aging due to exposure to sun). The dark skinned people are only susceptible to developing wrinkles while all other effects are seen on those who have fair skins.

Those who are exposed to sun longer get affected more because the effects of exposure to sun are cumulative. The ultraviolet rays of the sun attack elastin and collagen present in the skin. It also causes interferences on creating new elastin.

Air Pollution

Pollutants found in the air disturb the smooth flowing of nutrients and oxygen to the skin. This will cause the accumulation of free radicals in the skin tissues. Free radicals are anyway present in the body as they are byproducts of metabolic activities but the body could manage them when a person is in a healthy environment. But problems will arise when such factors as exposure to sun and polluted air make increased levels of free radicals to levels that the body cannot handle. Smoking also causes this.

Lack of Exercise

Sedentary life style also is a cause for aging skin. In order to cause the blood to flow and to muscles to form, there should be sufficient exercise. The exercise will not only will bring physical benefits but also will help you to have a youthful skin and you will have a bright smile. On top of all these, when you engage in regular exercises you will look and feel younger.