Rectal bleeding refers to a clinical condition whereby an afflicted individual often has episodes of bloody rectal discharge that may come along with mucus spots. A few medical disorders in this group include hematochezia, melena, lower gastrointestinal bleeding and fecal occult blood. Some of the major causes of rectal bleeding include colon diverticular disease, colorectal cancer and rectum or anus hemorrhoids resulting from episodes of diarrhea or constipation.

A number of techniques that have been developed to help in the diagnosis and treatment of rectal bleeding include colonoscopy, herbal therapies, biopsy, sigmoidoscopy and colostomy among others. Balsalazide 1100 mg tablet is one of the new conversional prescription medications for moderate ulcer active colitis that can reduce rectal bleeding. In terms of hemorrhoid herbal therapies Pilex offers a non invasive alternative to surgery by reliving the rectal bleeding symptoms for close to 6 months. Others include dietary change, chemical injections and laser surgery.