Warts are common misshapen entities on the different parts of the body. They are mainly found on the hands, feet and face. As these three parts are generally exposed to public view, a large wart may cause embarrassment. The warts do not however cause any medical harassment. They are known to be contagious and even hereditary.

There are several ways for the removal of common warts. They may be cut from the body or helped out through surgery. But these, even electrosurgery, are rather common methods.

The best way, or ways, is as follows:

The warts can be shrunk with the help of salicylic acid; a theory which reduces the protein in the warts.

They may be frozen into non-existence; a process called cryotherapy. The freezing is extremely helping in getting rid of the warts.

They may even be reduced with duct tapes, which shuts and lessens the scope.
These ways are the best ways to be free of the common warts.