Chest congestion can be caused due to cough, bronchial or alveoli deficiency and also a lot of respiratory stress. Overall, they create pain in the respiratory tract and also make it difficult for the body to use the full capacity of lungs. There are many chest congestion remedies. In fact, few of these are bronchodilators. These dilate the walls of bronchus so that more air can go into the system. More generally, the bronchodilators are in the form of cough syrups.

Also, you can take various non-antibiotic and non-steroid pills. Many home remedies work well against the chest congestion too. Steam and sauna help a lot. Inhaling vapor or any vaporous medicine can be quite a treatment. Anything which lowers the content of mucus in the body is invited as a treatment of chest congestion.

Milk with turmeric is a home based remedy that has been having some success since olden times.