Cardio is a kind of exercises that follows a rhythmic motion and increases heart rate. This heightens the metabolism which starts burning calories. This directly results in weight shed. Further, the boosted metabolism straightaway impacts body in pleasant way. It tones the muscles and frees the body from diseases.

Women can follow many cardiac exercises. Treadmill is one such exercise that can really set the body tones right. In fact reverse treadmill can also be practiced. Yes, it’s a bit strenuous but then it brings better results. Women can also go for mountain cycling or squatting. While doing squat, it is important to take rest in the initial stages. Resting 20 seconds after every 20 squat is quite ideal. Women can even go for brisk walking. If done in rhythmic motion, these present a cardio as well.

Yes, you need to remember that hydration is quite important with all kind of cardio or else it can result in a stroke.