The offices and homes have spaces allotted for gym equipments. And the people stand to gain from them. But of course, many of these equipments are very expensive and common people cannot afford it.

The Stepper-Stair master meanwhile is quite reasonable at cost and extremely helpful for energy boosting too. The breathing control is essential for keeping good health, and those not doing it, easily wear down.

The person may use the Stepper format and walk a few kilometers on the equipment daily. This is a substitute for morning walk, though obviously without the fresh air.
The Stair part is good for those who have atrophied their muscles walking on a same level. Daily climbing a scheduled number of stairs (the number goes up every day) helps in making the body ready for getting up the stairs. Don’t think one will not need it.

It is also good for relieving stress. The person may walk frantically on the equipment and be relieved.