brushing teethTake a deep breath, and smell it. You could have got used to the smell of nasty bad breath. Don’t get too used to it. The worst thing that could happen is running the risk of gastric cancers. In recent studies, it was revealed that possible bad breath causing gastric bacteria can be a cause of ulcers and gastric cancers. Infection due to Helicobacter pylori can aggravate the stomach and run the risk of cancers. The mouth can also be a reservoir for the bacteria to cause gum diseases.

Patients may or may not show signs of ulcers or stomach anomalies. However, it is possible that the risks can intensify in the future. H. pylori is bacteria that is present in almost all mouths an stomach of individuals in the developing and developed world and therefore, it raises the question as to how high the risks are.

We all know that having bad breath is bad already as it can really make it difficult for us to communicate with friend and family for the embarrassment. However, nowadays, bad breath is not just a sign of bad oral hygiene but it can also run the risk of cancers. According to studies, aside from cancers, halitosis can also be a risk factor for liver, kidney and gastrointestinal problems as well as diabetes. If the bad breath is not mitigated by conventional methods, it is time to consider that they could be at risk and that it is necessary to get an opinion from the doctor.

  • If your medications are causing your mouth to be dried up, halitosis can develop at a higher rate. Ask the doctor for alternatives to prevent this from happening.
  • Proper oral hygiene can help prevent the mouth from becoming a nesting ground for halitosis-causing bacteria. Also, it can help prevent risks such as periodontal diseases.
  • In recent studies, it has been shown that acidophilus, a certain probiotic present in yogurt can be partially helpful but another strain, lactobacillus salivarius can be used to directly interact with the bacteria in the mouth.

The studies on bad breath and its connection to other diseases is still expanding and growing. However the best way to mitigate any possible risks is to always have good oral hygiene.