Anosmia is a disease that makes you loss your sense of smell or just a decrease in your sense of smell. When it’s a decrease in the sense of smell it’s referred to as hyposmia. This can be temporary or permanent depending on what caused it. Colds can cause temporary loss of smell. But when your olefactory nerve gets damaged this causes a permanent loss of the ability to smell.

The symptoms are quite simply to detect. First you experience loss or reduced sense of smell and your sense of taste becomes impaired. You can detect this by not smelling common things that has odor like coffee, grape or vanilla.

Brain injuries can also cause permanent anosmia or some people can be born lacking the sense of smell. It can also be cause by brain diseases like Parkinson’s disease. Most cigarette smoker suffers from anosmia.

Anosmia is treated according to the cause of it. Smokers can quit smoking and regain their sense.