facial careNatural facial cleanser is always suggested even by doctors over expensive cosmetic items. For oily skin the best natural facial cleanser would be papaya. Rubbing papaya on the face skin and leaving it for 10-20 minutes to form a mask after which if you peel the mask out you’ll be left with smoother and softer skin. In case of sensitive skin it’s better to have a blend of leaves of mint in half a cup of yogurt with some aspirin tabs.

Salicylic acid is derived from aspirin which exfoliates your skin. Using this natural cleanser every night will keep your face fresh; you can also refrigerate the unused ingredients. Also, there are other procedures where you can use milk soaked in cotton and rub your face with it. After drying out you can wash it off with clean warm water. This keeps your face fresher and healthier. Some also use the technique of making a paste out of honey, yogurt milk and sesame seeds to apply it on the face. This improves the skin tone and keeps your face glowing.