Some people get asthma attacks due to some allergens present in the environment. Allergens are substances which are harmless and do not often react to human body but, when they do react they lead to allergies. Written below are some allergies that can trigger asthma attacks:-

Respiratory problems – if a person is suffering from respiratory problems then a normal cold or influenza may lead to an asthma attack

Tiny particles in air-micro particles can enter the respiratory system of a human during inhaling oxygen which can irritate the air passages and cause a reaction that can narrow the air passage. For example, pollen grains of plants may enter the lungs of a person.

Pollution-air and soil pollution are major causes behind asthma attacks due to pollution. Contaminated air contains harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide to a much higher level than it is naturally available, as such the victim of asthma faces problem while breathing.