Alcohol facts: In advertisements many people are seen drinking alcohol in beer, wine, whiskey, rum, gin, vodka and other drinks. The people in these ads seem to be having a lot of fun drinking. Beer companies pay television networks thousands of dollars to buy a few seconds during football games. Their ads suggest: “Drink beer while you watch a game and relax.”

Movies sometimes show people teens and alcohol – drinking “hard” liquor. These are whiskey, rum, gin, vodka and many others. Cocktails contain hard liquor. Many movies show people drinking at parties and having no problems.

Few movies or ads show people drinking and getting into trouble. Do you think movies, television and ads do a good job of showing what alcohol can do to people? If everything you know about alcohol came from television, magazine ads or movies, would you say alcohol makes people happy or sad?

Some adults can drink denatured alcohol and have no problems. They take one or two drinks over a long period of time, usually with some at weddings along with food. Many people drink wine with their dinners. Do the adults in your family ever have wine with a dinner or at a wedding party?