The thing to remember about ocular pain is it can very often signal a major emergency,”  If you have injured an eye, consult an opthalmologist at once.

Corneal abrasions are one of the most painful injuries you’ll ever have,”  “If you’ve cut or scratched your cornea, it will hurt less if you keep the eye closed. Bandage the eye with a patch if you can. Then see your opthalmologist at once, no later than sometime that day.

Some causes may be apparent, such as eye strain or dust, an eyelash or another foreign body in the eye, or being splashed with an irritant. Other potential causes of eye pain may be divided into certain categories which are allergies, injuries and burns, corneal abrasions, Infections, dry eye, glaucoma, growths or lumps, Optic neuritis and it can be Improper prescription for corrective lenses or improper use of cosmetic lenses.

“For cuts in the skin around the eye, obviously you don’t need to cover the eye. An ice pack can be used for pain relief. Do not try to use any topical painkillers. They can be very dangerous if they keep seep into your eye,”

If you get something in your eye, be very careful. It’s not recommend trying to take it out yourself. Foreign bodies can scratch the cornea and cause extreme eye pain. Vegetable matter is infused with fungus and can be very dangerous even if you get it out. You don’t want to get any chances with your eyes. See your doctor,”.

“If an insect flies into your eye, try and wash it out with cold water. If you get bitten around the eye, cold compresses and antihistamines will ease the pain and combat allergic reactions.”